In each of these recordings you will find new insight, hope, and exegetical study.  The title is displayed followed by the discription.

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UFOsRevealed invites you to be healed, restored, directed, and delivered by the word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Everything You Wanted to Know about Aliens is Found in the Bible - Chris Ward
This four part series was originally released on tape and for sale in our bookstore.  You can listen to it here for free.

1. The Hosts
3. The Genocide
2. The Invasion
4. The Seed
Testimony - Jerry Paris
Listen to this voicemail of his exciting deliverence from demons blinded by the power of God and powerless to find him.
Testimony of a Ex-Satanist
An ex-satanist tells of the wretched past that led him to Christ and the escape he made from a dark world.
Return of the Watchers - Chris Ward Part I
In this two part series, Chris deliberates on the reasons for Old Testament geneocides, the flood, and rebukes of Christ. 
Return of the Watchers - Chris Ward Part II
Python Part I - Chris Ward
There is a spirit seeking to crush the life out of those seeking Truth.
Python Part II - ChrisWard
The Gospel According to E.T. - Chris Ward
Alien philosophy stands in opposition with Christianity.
The Hosts of Heaven - Chris Ward Part I
In this two part series, Chris updates his previous seminar "Everything You Wanted to Know about UFOs is Found in the Bible."
The Hosts of Heaven - Chris Ward Part II
Joe Jordan  - Part One
In this two part series, the president of CE4.org tells of his discovery of the UFO conspiracy within MUFON.
Joe Jordan - Part Two
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