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Nicholas Ward

In Matthew 17:14-22 and Mark 9:14-32, we find the disciples attempting to cast a demon out of a boy. They are unsuccessful and arguing by the time Jesus arrives. Jesus casts the demon out and explains that a lack of faith is reason for the failure of the disciples' attempts. Later, Jesus explains privately that certain demons can only come out by prayer and fasting.

Prayer and fasting is often seen as a short event. Something one does for a short period of time. This is certainly true of fasting from food or, even shorter, fasting from water. However, fasting can also be performed as an ongoing devoting of one's life by avoiding certain things. Many Christians fast from alcohol their whole lives. Often we fast from harmful things simply because it is not our vice. It is not something that tempts us. But an alcoholic may find fasting from his drink just as difficult as skipping a meal is for others.

In this article, I am not suggesting that Christ did not mean His disciples to be devoted in prayer and fasting for the deliverance of the oppressed. The most obvious meaning is the right one. Faith comes by prayer and fasting and the disciples needed more faith. But perhaps this story is suggesting more.

If Christ did not mean that His disciples should fast more, to whom was he referring? Is it possible that he meant the person seeking deliverance needed to pray and fast? Yes, this father needed to pray and fast to both help his unbelief and cast out the demon. Perhaps his lifestyle had opened the gate for evil spirits to harass his son.

Jesus explains that this is a drawn out sort of deliverance. One that will require repentance and separation from the things that led to such a spiritual downfall. The person seeking deliverance has left a gate open through which evil spirits may attack. His inaction allows continued assault. Thus, his fasting from that sin may hold the gate shut temporarily, but when he returns to his wrong doing, the assault will resume.

Indeed this type of deliverance does require prayer and fasting, and probably for the remainder of this person's life. They must forever abstain from the pleasures of this sin that compromises them and allows attack.

Let's adapt this teaching to our modern experience. If tarot cards, horoscope, UFO literature, channeling, heroine, alcohol, power, control, sex, pornography, homosexuality, yoga, martial arts, or even something as seemingly benign as a jelly donut have opened your spiritual gates to receive the attack of evil spirits or to be abducted by UFOs, you must not continue in these activities. Christ is telling us that our deliverance will only come from a lifestyle of devotion to Him and abstinence from these things. This kind of fasting gives us faith. It helps our unbelief. It gives the power to stop abductions now.

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