Article 2: New Age Connection
By Wes Clark

     I've given a lot of thought to what a believer should know regarding witnessing to New Agers, etc. and I keep coming to the same basic conclusions. First and foremost, a believer can't reach the lost unless they have something to reach them with - period.  I know I alluded to this before, but it's a pretty big deal.  We as believers simply can't lead (or even point) someone to Christ if we don't know him ourselves.  If you have been out in the world at all, as I'm sure you have, then you know as well as I do that there are millions of believers out there who have not one clue what they believe. Certainly they came to Christ in childlike faith and they are as saved as you and me, however salvation is only the starting line, and if we're going to do like Paul says and run a good race, we've got to leave the starting line sooner or later.  There are millions of believers out there who have never even cracked the cover of the book they supposedly base their faith on.  Many of them don't know if Romans is in the Old testament or the New, and if they don't know that, then they sure don't know who they are as believers, and THAT is why many believers are scared of witnessing to others - someone might just ask them why they believe what they claim to believe.  Next thing they know, their house of cards is somewhere down around their ankles - because they didn't have an answer.  That's why Paul tells us to "study to show ourselves approved..." etc., so that we WILL have an answer.  And having an answer doesn't mean bombing them with a bunch of memorized scripture.  When it comes to the New Age, that's the quickest way in the world to abort a potential opportunity to glorify God.  We have to meet them on their own turf because in spite of their self-proclaimed "love and light" and "open-mindedness," they will never meet us on ours.  If we're going to lead these people to life more abundant  and power from on high, we're going to have to get out of the Temple and just go do it. 
     That leads us right back to how are we going to do it?  We're going to do it with the Word and the power of the Holy Spirit, wielded with the love of God in the renewed mind.  That means a couple of things: 
     It means many believers are going to crack the cover of a book many of them will be seeing for the very first time.  And again, that doesn't mean memorizing words, but studying THE WORD - knowing it, understanding it, and committing it to their hearts.  No one's taken their Bibles away (yet). They're lying around gathering dust on the coffee table or in the closet. That which is contained between the covers is all we need which pertains to life and godliness.  Let's break them bad boys out and see what's in there! OOPS!  Now we've just opened the door to some potentially violent opposition from the Christian community.  Knowledge is power and along with power comes responsibility and accountability, and therein lies the rub.  On a psychological level, many believers feel if they can just do their bit by turning up in church every Sunday for a couple hours, then everything's just fine.  Ignorance is bliss and as long as they "follow the rules," (i.e., legalism), they don't have to be accountable for anything.  Many will violently attack anyone who attempts to upset their "comfort zone" and will only leave it kicking and screaming.  Well, ignorance is NOT bliss!  For generations, we believers were able to get away with this kind of stuff, but not anymore.  Today we can see the lines being drawn in the sand and sooner or later, we're going to have to make a stand one way or another.
     Personally, I have chosen Christ.  Today as end time prophecy begins to unfold, we believers are beginning to be faced with things our parent's and grandparent's generation couldn't even imagine!  But we are going to see the Holy Spirit poured out like they never saw also!  As believers, we live in some exciting times, but we're going to have to either do what we need to do to be more than conquerors, or get run over.  But that choice lies with us. 
     If we opt for Christ and make the Word of God our standard, that will open us up for occasional persecution from organized "religion."  Persecution is certainly not a pleasant thing, especially from people who should be backing us up, however Jesus was persecuted by the folks who should have been backing him up, too, and if he was willing to put up with it for our sake, then I think we should deal with it for his.
     Now we're getting into the Word and getting a clearer view of the bigger picture.  We're becoming empowered.  We've seen what's available and we've gotten what's available.  Now what are we going to do with it?  We're going to take it to the trenches where the war is going on!  Satan is an absolutely worthy adversary.  He and his minions are extremely powerful. Spiritual warfare is not a game for spiritual lightweights and if we don't know what we are doing, we're going to get creamed.  That's of course where the Word of God comes into play.  We will stand more than conquerors, wielding the Sword, which is the Word of God, and as I said before, we will wield that Sword with the love of God in the renewed mind.  And we will
defeat the enemy wherever they turn up, not by our own skill and cunning, but by the power of the Holy Spirit working in us and through us.  We will be strong, water tight vessels by which the Holy Spirit will reach out and touch someone!  And we will do it with no fear!  (Ref. II Timothy 1:7)
How are we going to do these things?  As I said before, we're NOT going to do it by bombing people with memorized scripture.  That's for us.  We can't appeal to someone's intellect until we've reached their heart.  And to reach their heart, we've got to love these people!  We must keep in mind that as weird and crazy as many of these people are, they are not the enemy.
They are people who are manipulated by the enemy who need Christ. It's been my observation that 90% of New Age adherents are casualties of organized religion.  They're not going to tolerate any more "religion," so we're not going to give it to them.  We are going to give them Christ instead.  It has also been my observation that only about 5% of the New Age are the real movers and shakers, pushing Satan's evil New Age agenda.  The vast majority are basically good, decent people who just want the truth.  We are going to give them truth.  In general conversation, I seldom even mention the Bible, at least initially, although everything I share with them is biblical truth. 
     They don't need to know that right away, and if they did, chances are they'd shut me off.  I want to reach their heart.  I want to plant seeds of truth as well as seeds of doubt in their own belief systems.  And I want them to trust me while I do it.  Once some of the lies are dispelled and truth is established, THEN we can go see what the Word says. 
      Over the last couple of years of talking with people, a general style has developed that others might use as a model.  When I find myself in conversation with someone, I'll bait them with something relatively low level and if they take the bait, I'll run with it.  If not, I'll let it go.
Sometimes all you have to do is drop the bait and next thing you know, they're pouring their heart out to you.  There are some really hurting people in the world and it becomes painfully evident once their "love and light" facade comes down.  Then, I just let the Spirit lead.  As you
probably know yourself, real time conversations can move at what seems like the speed of light, but the Spirit can move just as fast.  Often, the Spirit says, "Say this...  Now tell him this..." and so on.  Sometimes the Spirit will even say "Shut up, this isn't the time."  Either way, the Spirit knows what He's doing.  After the conversation, you will often feel like you should have said this better or you shouldn't have said that.  Just ignore it.  That's just the enemy doing damage control by planting the seed of thought that you somehow failed.  One doesn't need to do things exactly the way I do them.  The bottom line however is, "let the Spirit lead."  We have only one job, and that is to plant and/or water.  God will give the increase. 
       The lost are everywhere - therefore, we will be like the minutemen of old, ready to swing into gear at a moments notice, any time, any where.  We will turn up at New Age conferences and UFO conventions.  I don't anticipate being asked to speak at many of them, but we will accomplish more by quietly mingling, working one on one.  That's where things get done.  When we are on the road, we will go in groups of at least two or more.  When Jesus sent out
the 70 disciples, he sent them out in twos for a reason.  There is greater security in numbers, but it also works on a subconscious level.  One person is perceived as easy to "pick off," whereas two or more tends to go a long way towards dispelling any potential violence or abuse.  It tends to keep things friendly.  Also, while one believer is talking, the other can be
providing intercessory prayer.  Let's use all the resources we have available to us.

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